Chapter History

The National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and Nurses (NAPNAP/N), as originally named, was established in 1973 and was the first national organization, specifically for nurse practitioners. The Maryland Chesapeake Chapter began in 1979, organized by Claire Marie Rodgers, who was the contact between National NAPNAP and MD members and also served as the first chapter president. Twenty-five pediatric nurse practitioners (PNP) were the first charter members of the chapter, which was approved by NAPNAP at the national level on February 16, 1981. Originally MD NAPNAP members included PNPs from MD, Virginia, Washington DC and West Virginia. In April of 1981, the initial chapter conference was held, with 47 PNPs in attendance. This conference was the first of many bi-annual meetings attended by increasing numbers of local PNPs. In addition to education, the MD NAPNAP members previously and currently support local charities who provide services for or are associated with children. MD members are also supported financially to attend the national NAPNAP conference and the annual “Nurse in Washington Internship program,” or other advocacy focused training. This chapter has continued to recruit members, currently representing mostly PNPs from MD and Washington DC and bordering state lines of Pennsylvania and Delaware, the Chesapeake watershed territory and tributaries, therefore the name, ‘Chesapeake’ Chapter. The chapter and has won the national award for member recruitment in the “Large Chapter” category multiple times. 

MD NAPNAP has invested in advocacy for children and for PNP practice from early in their existence. In 2005, the MD chapter worked with the Nurse Practitioner Association of Maryland to have NPs listed as primary care providers on Health Maintenance Organizations and in 2015, with the leadership of Gina Friel, legislative chair at that time, Maryland NPs were awarded independent practice in the state. The chapter has been invested in supporting member research. Yetta Semiatin, a charter member, donated 1000.00 in the name of her brother, Louis Dobkin to award research grants to chapter members in 1990. These funds were invested, the value has increased and the money continues to be available to MD members. 

MD chapter members have also become leaders within the national organization. 

Joan Greene and Arlene Butz, early members and chapter presidents, served on the editorial board of the Journal of Pediatric Health Care. Maryland has also hosted members who went on to become Presidents of NAPNAP at the national level. These PNPs include: Virginia Millonig, Barbara Dunn, Richard Ricciardi and Cathy Haut. MD NAPNAP members continue to serve locally and nationally on many volunteer initiatives.


Claire Marie Rodgers 1982-1983

Virginia Millonig 1983-1984

Patricia Franklin 1984-1985

Jean Wheeler 1985-1986

Christine Johnson 1986-1987

Mary Lou Rosenblatt 1987-1988

Joan Greene 1988-1989

Judith Lorenz 1989-1990

Renee Mercer 1990-1991

Susan O’Hara 1991-1992

Alice Noble 1992-1993

Virginia Perkis 1993-1994

Martha Gibbons 1994-1995

Marilyn Vahovich 1995-1996

Rita Przygocki 1996-1997

Janice Agazio 1997-1998

Judy Kandel 1998-1999

Teri Holbrook 1999-2000

Sheila Holdford 2000-2001 and 2002-2003

Arlene Butz 2001-2002

Jeanne Findlay 2003-2004

Joyce Quintavalle 2004-2005

Jody Robler 2005-2006

Cathy Haut 2006-2007, 2008-2009       

Missing: 2010-2014

Marlo Eldridge 2014-2016

Shawna Mudd 2016-2018

Brigit Vangraafeiland 2018-2020

Deborah Busch 2020-2022

Lindsay Ward 2022-2024